We believe the world is a better place when people are happy at work.

Everyone deserves meaningful work, but often getting the job is tough.
Are you searching for answers to:

  • why your resume is not working, 
  • why you are not getting interviews, or 
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We know why.  We have the solution.

We often hear from frustrated job seekers who want clear resources and concrete steps they can trust.
Like you, they want access to proven tools that make the job search smoother, faster and easier.

They are why we have teamed up to create the Job Search Secret Weapon. We wanted to bring them - and you - an easy to access, affordable platform to tackle the common job search pitfalls. Providing you with step by step templates, articles, and worksheets without breaking the bank.

Are you: 

  • Tired of silence after submitting your resume?
  • Wanting to eliminate the guesswork and talk directly to employers?
  • Needing trusted tools and resources to help you make a change?
If you are done wishing and hoping - and ready to get to work - purchase any one of our kits: your job search secret weapon! 

Meet Your Job Search Team (video)

✔  4 Career and Job Search Experts
✔  30+ Years of Combined Expertise
✔  Certified Career Professionals
✔  Recruitment Experience

What Job Seekers Are Saying About Our Team

"Virginia brought a fresh approach. Bottom line: more searches, more contacts, more interviews. Period." - Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist

"Sarah has completely changed my perspective on how to look for a job."  - Sales & Business Development Professional

"I was very impressed by the process that Adrienne leveraged to assist me in developing a strategy to advance my career." - Regional Manager

"Working with Ana was the best investment I made in my career" - Manager 

Your Job Search Team

Does this Describe You?

Have you lost track of how many applications you've submitted over the past few months? All the while waiting day after day for an interview call, only to have days turn into weeks and weeks into months. 

You've begun to doubt you're going to be able to find a job in your industry, or maybe even worry you don't have the skills required to succeed in this industry.

You've probably even considered looking into hiring a resume writer or career coach. The reality though, is those things cost money, and without a job, you're worried that shelling out what you have left in savings.

We hear you, we see you!

We understand that the job search is not only tough but can be mentally overwhelming. We recognize your potential and want to help turn your job search around. 

With our job search kits, gone will be the days of filling out application after application, stressing over resumes, and feeling deflated after interviews.

Purchase individual job search kits to support each stage of your search...or purchase the complete job search solution:  your job search secret weapon.

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