Job Search Planning/ Hidden Job Market Strategy Kit by Job Search Secret Weapon (JSSW)

Job Search Planning/ Hidden Job Market Strategy Kit

Before launching a job search, it's essential to have a strategy in place. Job seekers who put in place a targeted strategy (and move away from job boards!) find meaningful work significantly faster. Our DIY tool kit gives you everything that you need to track, measure and launch a search plan.

This DIY kit contains over $250 in product value!

Everything below is included at one great price:

  • Dealing with sudden job loss
  • Job search strategy spreadsheet
  • Job boards: What you need to know before starting your job search
  • Crafting your pitch guide
  • Hidden job market: Building a target list (video)
  • Informational interviews: How to measure their success
  • Informational interviews: Email templates requesting meetings
  • 4 Networking scripts
  • Comprehensive guide to the hidden job market

* All prices are in USD and kits are non-refundable. 

What's included?

4 Networking Scripts

You’ve done your homework and know who you need in your job search corner. 4 scripts for reaching out to new people via email ad LinkedIn.

Comprehensive Guide to the Hidden Job Market

Crafting Your Pitch

A step-by-step guide to crafting a persuasive pitch.

Hidden Job Market: Building Out a List of Target Companies

How to build a target list of companies to find out about opportunities BEFORE the job posting comes out. 

Informational Interviews: E-mail Templates Requesting Meetings

Want to reach out to get a meeting on the books but not sure what to say? These scripts can make sure they say YES!

Informational Interviews: How to Measure Their Success

If the idea of doing informational interviews feels tough to track or overwhelming, this article will help you measure success.  

Job Boards: What you Need to Know Before You Start your Job Search

Striking out on the job boards? Why and how you should reconsider your job search strategy.

Job Search Strategy Spreadsheet

When it comes to job search, it’s easy to lose track of all the moving parts. This spreadsheet will keep the critical information at your fi

Sudden Job Loss

Strategies to help you deal with sudden and unexpected job loss.