LinkedIn Job Search Toolkit by Job Search Secret Weapon (JSSW)

LinkedIn Job Search Toolkit

Give yourself a MASSIVE head start over your competition with LinkedIn - the number one website for job search and professional networking.

This DIY toolkit has everything you need to make the best out of your LinkedIn activity, including:

  • 4 Networking Scripts
  • Tips for a Perfect LinkedIn Headshot
  • 5 Ways to Reach Out, and What to Say, to a Stranger on LinkedIn
  • Practical Strategies to Transform Your LinkedIn Activity and Engagement
  • How to Manage LinkedIn Privacy Settings for Job Seekers
  • A Comprehensive LinkedIn Guide
  • What to Do if You're Feeling Ignored on LinkedIn
  • Prompts to Write a Killer LinkedIn About Section

and more!

For just $69, you'll be getting over $150 in product value.

Like you, many job seekers often wonder why they aren't getting any results from LinkedIn.

We have carefully researched what challenges they run into when using LinkedIn, and developed this toolkit to equip you with to proven tools and strategies that make it easy to network like a pro, and land a job faster.

* All prices are in USD and kits are non-refundable.    

What's included?

4 Networking Scripts

You’ve done your homework and know who you need in your job search corner. 4 scripts for reaching out to new people via email ad LinkedIn.

4 Practical Strategies to Transform Your Activity on LinkedIn

Want to be more active on LinkedIn, but not sure where to start? Try these 4 practical strategies to engage & boost your visibility online.

5 Best Practices for Your LinkedIn Engagement

5 ways to make the most of the time you spend on LinkedIn, get people to view your profile and make quality connections.

5 Tips to Follow for the Perfect LinkedIn Headshot

A picture is worth a 1000 words absolutely applies to your headshot. Tips to make sure yours makes a good impression.

5 Ways to Reach Out, and What to Say, on LinkedIn

Whether you know the person or not, it can be tough to reach out and let people know you’re hunting. Here are 5 scripts to get you started. 

Comprehensive LinkedIn Guide

Revive your LinkedIn profile with this 8-step guide.

Feeling Ignored on LinkedIn?

 Feeling ignored on LinkedIn? Ana and Adrienne share strategies to give your message it’s best shot at receiving a response.

How to Connect with a LinkedIn Stranger

A guide to help you figure out what
to say when you’re meeting a new person virtually for the first time.

LinkedIn Privacy Settings for Job Seekers

A guide to the optimal privacy settings for an active job search.

Worksheet: Prompts to Help You Write a Killer LinkedIn About Section

5 prompts to help you craft an engaging first-person "Summary" or About section on LinkedIn