Complete Job Search Kit for New Grads by Job Search Secret Weapon (JSSW)

Complete Job Search Kit for New Grads

This DIY job search kit is overflowing with targeted resources, worksheets, articles, templates, and videos to help a new graduate transition into their first career role.

A $500+ value for only $129. The perfect gift for the new grad in your life.

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What's included?

150 Resume Action Words

Over 150 action words to add energy into your resume file and better engage the reader.

20 Most Common Interview Questions

Practice this list of most frequently asked questions so that you’ll be confident in the interview setting. 

25 Questions You Can Ask During a Job Interview

Dread the “what questions do you have for me” portion of the interview? Here are 25 questions to help you confidently close the interview.

3 Page Interview Preparation Worksheet

Everything you need to put your best foot forward and impress the heck out of a decision-maker during your interview. 

4 Networking Scripts

You’ve done your homework and know who you need in your job search corner. 4 scripts for reaching out to new people via email ad LinkedIn.

5 Golden Rules to a Killer Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter can be a tipping point in your favor. Follow these rules to make sure yours is compelling. 

5 Tips to Follow for the Perfect LinkedIn Headshot

A picture is worth a 1000 words absolutely applies to your headshot. Tips to make sure yours makes a good impression.

5 Ways to Reach Out, and What to Say, on LinkedIn

Whether you know the person or not, it can be tough to reach out and let people know you’re hunting. Here are 5 scripts to get you started. 

6 Simple Steps to Prepare for Your Interview at the Last Minute

We've got your back with simple yet effective tips to help you rock the interview at the last minute!

Comprehensive LinkedIn Guide

Revive your LinkedIn profile with this 8-step guide.

Crafting Your Pitch

A step-by-step guide to crafting a persuasive pitch.

Hidden Job Market: Building Out a List of Target Companies

How to build a target list of companies to find out about opportunities BEFORE the job posting comes out. 

How to Connect with a LinkedIn Stranger

A guide to help you figure out what
to say when you’re meeting a new person virtually for the first time.

How to Stand Out In An Interview

Maureen and Ana share best ways to engage your interviewer and win the interview.

How to Write a Powerful Resume Summary

How to use a job posting to write your resume summary – and show the reader how you’re a perfect fit for the role.

How to Write Your First Resume

Struggling with writing your first resume? With this exercise, all you need is a highlighter pen and a job posting.

Informational Interviews: E-mail Templates Requesting Meetings

Want to reach out to get a meeting on the books but not sure what to say? These scripts can make sure they say YES!

Informational Interviews: How to Measure Their Success

If the idea of doing informational interviews feels tough to track or overwhelming, this article will help you measure success.  

Job Boards: What you Need to Know Before You Start your Job Search

Striking out on the job boards? Why and how you should reconsider your job search strategy.

Job Search Strategy Spreadsheet

When it comes to job search, it’s easy to lose track of all the moving parts. This spreadsheet will keep the critical information at your fi

Jobseeker’s Guide to Phone and Video Interviews

Before a face-to-face interview, you’ll likely face a few
rounds of phone and virtual interviews. Tips to make a great first impression.

LinkedIn Cheat Sheet for College Undergrads

A step-by-step guide to help you create a robust LinkedIn profile that earns “All-Star” and algorithm-friendly status.

LinkedIn Privacy Settings for Job Seekers

A guide to the optimal privacy settings for an active job search.

LinkedIn Profiles for New Grads

LinkedIn profile writing for new grads requires  outside-the-box thinking. A section-by-section review of what to include.

New Undergrad Resume Template

A downloadable template to use if you are a recent grad or are still and school and searching for an internship.

Pre-Interview Research Worksheet

A critical part of interview preparation is research. Capture relevant interview details before each interview with this detailed worksheet.

Recent Graduate / Student Resume Template

You’ve worked hard to return to school to earn your Master’s degree. Position your graduate degree to land your next job with this template.

Resume Analyzer Guide

Are you afraid your resume isn't doing what it should? Five career experts weigh in with their tips and samples.

Salary Negotiation: After the Verbal Offer (Scripts)

You've received a verbal offer - now what? Scripts to guide you through the delicate next stage of salary negotiation. 

Salary Negotiation: Best Websites for Benchmarking

When it comes to salary negotiations, it pays to know what the going rate is. Sites to help you do some due diligence.

Salary Negotiation: Early Compensation Conversation Guide and Scripts

How to handle the "What are your salary expectations?" question when it arises early in an interview.

Strategies for the Day of Your Interview

You’ve landed the interview. Now what? A step-by-step guide to help you put your best foot forward on the big day. 

Top 3 Mistakes in DIY Resume Writing

Top 3 blunders common in DIY resumes – and how to avoid them.

Worksheet: Prompts to Help You Write a Killer LinkedIn About Section

5 prompts to help you craft an engaging first-person "Summary" or About section on LinkedIn