Resumes and Cover Letters

How Far Back Should You Go on Your Resume?

How many years is too many? Ana and Maureen discuss how to optimally present your years of work experience on your resume.  

How to Avoid the 2 Biggest Resume Mistakes

2 common resume writing mistakes – and the easy fix – to save you time and stress.

5 Golden Rules to a Killer Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter can be a tipping point in your favor. Follow these rules to make sure yours is compelling. 

150 Resume Action Words

Over 150 action words to add energy into your resume file and better engage the reader.

Cover Letter Template (Sales)

You've got what it takes to do the job, but how do you tell the employer? This cover letter is your go-to template.

Comprehensive Resume and Cover Letter Kit

Write your very own interview-winning resume and cover letter with this complete kit of tools, templates, strategies, and instructions. 

My Resume is Ready . . . Now What?

Strategies for what you can — and should — do with your resume to maximize your chances of finding and securing your next job.

Resume Analyzer Guide

Are you afraid your resume isn't doing what it should? Five career experts weigh in with their tips and samples.

Top 3 Mistakes in DIY Resume Writing

Top 3 blunders common in DIY resumes – and how to avoid them.

Resume Template: Mid-Level Professional (with instructional video)

A ready-to-use template, together with video instructions, to get mid-level professionals started writing a resume DIY.

Recent Graduate / Student Resume Template

You’ve worked hard to return to school to earn your Master’s degree. Position your graduate degree to land your next job with this template.

Print Reading is Dead – Is Your Resume Ready?

Technology has changed how resumes get read. Techniques for ensuring your resume reads just as well on a screen as in print.  

New Undergrad Resume Template

A downloadable template to use if you are a recent grad or are still and school and searching for an internship.

How to Write a Resume that Makes You Timeless

Nobody needs to know on paper if you’re 28 or 78. Make your resume fresh & modern with techniques to protect against age discrimination.

Results-Rich Resume Statements

A guide to elevate ho-hum results into powerful and compelling achievements.

Quick and Easy Tips to Modernize your Resume

A fresh and modern resume format goes a long way toward convincing a reader that your resume is worthy of their time. 

Professional Cover Letter Template

Hiring managers don’t have time to read a soliloquy. This template will ensure you articulate your value persuasively and succinctly.

Modern Cover Letter Creation Strategies

Not everyone will read your cover letter - but when they do it can be impactful! 4 strategies to get it read AND keep attention! 

How to Write Your First Resume

Struggling with writing your first resume? With this exercise, all you need is a highlighter pen and a job posting.

How to Write a Powerful Resume Summary

How to use a job posting to write your resume summary – and show the reader how you’re a perfect fit for the role.

How to Revitalize Your Resume with Results-Rich Statements

Think you don’t have any achievements to add to your resume? Think again. How to unearth content that is sure to impress.