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High Impact Resume Bullet Statements

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One-Way Digital Video Interviewing 101

Here's the 101 on one-way digital video interviews.

How to Connect with a LinkedIn Stranger

A guide to help you figure out what
to say when you’re meeting a new person virtually for the first time.

Informational Interviews: E-mail Templates Requesting Meetings

Want to reach out to get a meeting on the books but not sure what to say? These scripts can make sure they say YES!

Resume Template: Mid-Level Professional (with instructional video)

A ready-to-use template, together with video instructions, to get mid-level professionals started writing a resume DIY.

How to Revitalize Your Resume with Results-Rich Statements

Think you don’t have any achievements to add to your resume? Think again. How to unearth content that is sure to impress.

Cover Letter Template (Sales)

You've got what it takes to do the job, but how do you tell the employer? This cover letter is your go-to template.

25 Questions You Can Ask During a Job Interview

Dread the “what questions do you have for me” portion of the interview? Here are 25 questions to help you confidently close the interview.

150 Resume Action Words

Over 150 action words to add energy into your resume file and better engage the reader.

LinkedIn Headlines: Your Guide to Getting Noticed

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Networking and Outreach Letters

Customizable scripts to help you demonstrate why you are the right candidate for the types of roles you seek.

How to Negotiate Your Salary: Best Strategies & Scripts

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